Monday, June 5, 2017

New Pop Star "Blowing Up"

1) Ariana Grande got famous off a T.V. show now she's doing well as a Pop star. This teen actress is now reaching the top of the charts while trying to stick close to home. She's down to earth and very open.

2) Tell how Ariana Grande is doing and what kind of person she is.

3) Order/ Sequence

4) Headings, Bold words, and Pictures.

5) I personally feel that men and women are not treated as equals, but I feel like the reason that there is such a big difference in what men and women think is because they have no idea what it's like to be the opposite gender and deal with their problems.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Will you sign my shoe?

I gave this person a cookie, they said thanks.

1) It can improve your quality of life because when you post something that you've kind of hid away for a while and it gets positive feedback it makes you more willing to reach out and do more new things you usually wouldn't do but might love. If you were to post a video of you playing an instrument and it gets positive feedback you might continue doing more with that instrument and get to the best you can and you might even learn a new instrument.

2) Shawn's passions in life are having fun, living life every day as an adventure, and trying to make other people happy. My passions I guess would be to make other's happy, live every day as myself, never put up an act or a mask, and do things I enjoy doing.

3) The two parts of social media are the feedback and the communication. The feedback gives you power because if you get positive feedback it might motivate yourself to do more. The communication part makes you talk to others that you may not usually but it makes you communicate and get you more involved than you might usually be with a different crowd.

4) The King of the Rain Forest story helps us in life because it tells us if you tune out the bad you can accomplish great things that others may give up on. If you tune out the bad stuff you keep on thinking you can do it, because you only hear the positive.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Chordettes- Lollipop

1. I believe my lollipop moment was in 5th grade my teacher Ms. Wessling talked to me for a moment (probably after getting scolded for doing something stupid) and all I remember was that she told me that I was a very smart kid and probably one of the smartest in her class, and I still believe that she is/was my favorite teacher (haven't really decided). I have not told this person because I haven't seen her since 6th grade. Even though that feeling that boosted my self-esteem quickly changed.

2. I personally believe that she means that power frightens those who don't usually have it. I kind of do, because I feel that it isn't rare for people to get drunk with power.

3. Ima gives Amelia a cookie. Maybe that cookie will change their lives and give them like a drug addiction or something.

Monday, May 1, 2017

A dusty death

1) Most people in the dust bowl were breathing in dust all day, the dust would then block off some of the protective stuff in your lungs and the dust would cause irritation in the lungs and could cause pneumonia. Some symptoms could be coughing fits and the inability to keep your food down.

2) Some remedies were rubbing vaseline in your nose to attempt to avoid breathing in dust. People with chronic coughs would make chest plasters. A severe drought and a failure to apply dryland was what caused the dust bowl.

3) If I could only pack one bag I would probably only pack pictures, important belongings, clothes, cats, and my phone/phone charger.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Parblic Sarvice Arnarncemarnts

1)I found that the PSA was pretty effective. The thing I found most effective was the images. It showed pictures of all the people hurt just because of one text.

2)The point of this PSA is to attempt to get kids to be more active and get up and play. I find it useful because it takes a character that the kids already know and love and try to use them to motivate kids to get up and move. I find that the image is most effective because of this.

Monday, April 17, 2017

High Skewl Diploma

1) If you do not have a diploma it may affect your self-esteem and people with low self-esteem are less likely to stick up for themselves and overall less confident in everything/anything they say. People with low self-esteem are also less likely to go in search for a job because they often feel as if they will never be able to get it as well. As well as all of these it can also leave a mark on relationships.

2) Students who constantly attempt to further their education and knowledge leave an impact on society, set a good example for peers/younger kids to be a role model, and help through taxes and community involvement. People who generally don't finish high school overall are more likely to be incarcerated or go to jail for lack of better term. If nearly 1 million students are not helping society and are generally more likely to be convicted of a felony and go to jail, that does tend to make me think that they are hurting society overall.

3) According to this trend students that get held back are more likely to drop out later on, have lower test grades, and it does not benefit them academically or socially. If this means that 25% of freshmen are more likely to drop out that hurts society and the community because of a higher unemployment rate. This can also hurt the school's reputation, and make them look bad. If the school wanted to help they could try to seek out counselors/tutors who were willing to help failing kids and see why or what was causing this.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Personality over grades

1) Grit can be described as perseverance and passion for long-term goals, this is very important to have in life because, if you're going to start something and give it up just because one thing goes awry, it is important to be able to start something and to stick with it even if something goes wrong, and have passion for what you are attempting to accomplish. I strongly agree with the phrase entitled child culture, I feel that kids now have everything handed to them on a silver platter and growing up with this gives them the idea that they are the best person and they get whatever they want throughout life, and if something goes wrong it's someone else's fault in every single instance no matter scenario.

2) Someone who shows consistent effort often show dedication to something they believe in, and it shows that they find that it is important, someone who constantly puts something off to last minute and crams it into one day or a night show that they don't find that it is important and are more likely to bail on the idea when it comes down to it. It is important to show consistent effort because if you show dedication and interest employers and colleges are going to look for that instead of someone who seems to be a quitter. If you and one other are applying for the same job and you show consistent effort and the other person seems to be the person to push something off until the last minute, you are more likely to get the job.

3) I feel that I am the strongest in intellectual curiosity because I find myself more times out of not asking about a topic that I do not understand and finding the small bits that confuse me and something that doesn't seem right or an error/loophole. I feel that over the next three years I should focus mainly on improving my emotional resilience as I mainly focus on the letter grades because my parents push that on me more than anything if the letters are low than I'm doing something wrong they often say.